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House Coelho
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House Coelho

Philidelphia, Cape Town

Located on the urban edge outside of the historical context of the historical town Philadelphia a small village 33 km south-west of Malmesbury, South Africa.
This difficult site located at the end of a Cul-de-sac displayed great potential with the majestic views looking across the wine lands and rural fields. The surrounding context has been built up completely and houses already occupied the neighbouring plots which made it easier when we did our site analysis which informed our design process.
The design now boast complete privacy from all the neighbours in addition to correct orientation with no wind on the patios and soft southern light filling the large open plan areas.
Once inside the house, the views onto the farmlands becomes framed along pathways and planned vistas throughout the house. One would easily be convinced of being secluded somewhere in the middle of paradise.

Project Information

Construction Completed 2017
Site Area
Project Area
Project Type
Single Residential
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