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Sculpture & Symbolism
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Sculpture & Symbolism


The sculpture plays of within a timeline of historiography from when men started art within caves into the present and then the present and future artistic canvas. 

By using the qualities of two given objects, namely a rusty sieve and a mind game as a starting and end point. The parameters/qualities of these objects were used to form the artist, for example a sieve that filters = human mind filtering ideas (I wont go through everything...hopefully you can make your own assumptions on this).

This sculpture will act as a tribute to all the missing artists throughout history thats never been seen, recognised or heard of as there identities remained concealed, just like the art galleries of today due to their consumeristic approach to art as money and not passion.

The process will be symbolised by a serious of masks which are more face like than an actual mask, in essence the man is the mask itslef. The timeline of the story to be told plays of at the start from the begining showing an evolution of antiquity progressing into a more mumified state. Following the mummified facial mask the texture of the new masks will become more modern, colourful, vibrant and life/flesh like representing the artist of today. Another few stages will follow within the timeline to the more futuristic approach, symbolising the artist of the future, yet to be born. Its important that the masks shows the scars of both pain and joy recieved from crafting their true passions.

The final mask demonstrates the bizarre thinking of the artist which at first normally looks/sounds like its an impossible idea, but the reality is that it works, functions and tell a story true to our hearts. This is to be symbolised by a serious of irregular gears of various shapes and sizes, which must look out of place but still function as a coherent whole.

The final project shows the artist as transparent...which is his way of opening up to allow society to view his soul in order for them to understand him. At times he appears cold and at times he appears vibrant and alive due to the sound activated lights, which responds to any command.

The Project took 4 months to complete with work done on a daily basis. The stop frame animation consist out of 4550 images.

Project Information

Project Type
Art / Sculpture
by Heini van Niekerk
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