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St. Helena Bay Hotel
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St. Helena Bay Hotel

St Helena Bay, South Africa

For centuries nature remains the same. The only thing that change nature are the sporadic editions of human life in the form of new development…an addition to the testament of the human self made evolution.

As a monument to nature the design was based on the bio-mimicry of ocean patterns where we've captured that one split second just before the water on the ocean floor pulls back into the waves…just to repeat itself. This form has now been cast in concrete within the skyline for us to look upwards towards the "ocean".

The qualities between nature and our existence as humans are characterized by our natural attitude towards nature. This hotel building now displays a tribute to nature and the rhythm found within, located in Saint Helena Bay which is a settlement on West Coast shore line within the Western Cape province of South Africa.

Nicknamed by locals as Agterbaai the town is located 150 km north of Cape Town, South Africa. It surrounds the towns of Vredenburg and Paternoster, and is located across the bay from Laaiplek.

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Construction Completed 2014
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