The Authentic Integration of an Artistic Abode nestled along the picturesque coast of Paternoster, Klipmossel stands as an architectural marvel by Heini van Niekerk Architects, seamlessly blending art and living spaces in a truly unique manner. This coastal abode is a testament to the harmonious union of artistic expression and architectural brilliance.

The magnificence of Klipmossel lies within its carefully crafted design, boasting remarkable internal courtyards and private patios that extend gracefully from each room, enveloping inhabitants in a serene oasis. Here, the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces dissolve, allowing occupants to immerse themselves in the enchanting beauty of nature.

What truly sets Klipmossel apart is its intimate relationship with art. The house serves as a canvas for the clients' personal creations, showcasing their artistic prowess throughout every corner. Each room is thoughtfully adorned with captivating works, turning the residence into a living gallery that seamlessly merges art and architecture.

Beyond the artistic allure, Klipmossel captivates with its meticulous attention to detail. Every aspect of this dwelling exudes a sense of purpose and refinement. From the strategically placed windows, welcoming natural light and framing breathtaking views, to the artist studio space where creativity is nurtured, every element has been carefully considered to elevate the living experience.

In this coastal sanctuary, Klipmossel embodies the epitome of an authentic integration of art and architecture. It stands as a testament to the power of design to inspire and captivate, evoking a deep appreciation for the seamless blending of creativity and functionality.

Through Klipmossel, one can witness the transformative potential of architecture and art, where the boundaries blur, revealing a space that is both an aesthetic masterpiece and a true reflection of the wonderful synergy between art and architecture.

House Graham

Located in Langebaan Waterfront. The harmonic pairing of suspended concrete holding the generous openings across its facades to match the picturesque setting ahead of the ocean whilst unfolding into ‘a succession of spaces, [that] could be added or subtracted from the total, operating some large sliding doors as views.
Calm and tranquil is what this beautiful home we’ve designed bring forth when one feel and experience the living experience.

Named in Afrikaans by owners Michele and Charl Graham as “Salig” which also means “Blessed” one can feel the heartbeat pulsing as one with the panoramic ocean views and crashing waves of Langebaan Beach on their doorstep.

Thank you so much Michele and Charl!

House 64220

Located in the Cape St Martin Private Nature Reserve on the West Coast along the Atlantic Ocean shoreline of St. Helena Bay.

The architect design showcase with great success how the inside and outside spaces merges as one entity with the Private Nature Reserve and the elements within nature. This private house boasts ocean views from the open plan living area and games room in addition to the main bedroom.

The architectural pallet remains at ease with the use of raw materials like steel, glass and raw concrete lives in harmony with the coastal colours of the exterior landscape.
There’s no substitute when you love what you do as an architect!

Kormorant Paternoster

What started on a very small 285 m² haphazard shape site located at the end of a Cul-de-Sac with only 128 m² left inside the building lines for design. We ended up with a footprint of 98 m² as the maximised footprint with a total of 260 m² total floor area turned out as one of the most insanely beautiful designed Paternoster Cottage style Houses.

The love and art sit in the detail of this house! The materiality mimics that of the historical Paternoster which started as a Fisherman’s Village where the use of tin roof and white plastered walls were used.

A completed home I designed in Paternoster where we are blessed with a vast coastline of white sandy beaches with clear blue waters. Our love affair with the beach however is where we specialise in contemporary architecture for exclusive and innovative beach house solutions.
Our designs are individually designed to bring together modern lifestyles with the natural climate and the surrounding environment – utilising solar light, fresh air, and landscape/seascape – and incorporating modern features and quality materials to deliver a living environment which is both comfortable and inspiring to our clients.

Should you wish to experience this house over a weekend or holiday stay then please feel free to stay over by booking via this link below: Airbnb

They've been awarded Airbnb Superhost status four times in a row.
Martin & Ben are the best hosts.

House Marius

Langebaan, West Coast

A sneak peak into a new design in Langebaan showing our take on Bohemian design that remains random, eclectic, and devoid of structure as a free-spirited aesthetic that mixes different cultures and artistic expressions into an eclectic style with an emphasis on organic elements and nature.

Tip : When putting together your boho style space, mixing patterns, metals, woods, materials, animal hides and trinkets from your travels is highly encouraged…yet a sense of order and balance needs to be achieved.

Thank you Marius!
Heini van Niekerk Architects
Project 7204 | Langebaan, West Coast, South Africa

House Pretorius

Admiral Island, Port Owen, Velddrif

House Koen

A small photo shoot for a large house with a BIG heart on the oceans doorstep of one of our houses in Langebaan on the rocks where the waves breaks. The design ethos aligned with parallels drawn to natures horizon where the “inté-exterior” elevations of the primary architectural surfaces formed a conscious perspective that merged with the depth of the ocean view as an open space where one can be set free!
Love it when you can feel your buildings heartbeat in real life!

Thank you Hentie & Diana!

Heini van Niekerk Architects
Project 635/10307 | Langebaan, West Coast, South Africa

Ocean Pearl Seafront Villas

Located in the Cape St Martin Private Nature Reserve on the West Coast along the Atlantic Ocean shoreline of St. Helena Bay. This villa boasts seaviews on both sides of the main living areas whilst the architectural palet of raw materials like steel, glass and concrete lives in harmony with the coastal colours of the exterior landscape.

This remains one of the selected few places where the sun rises and sets over the ocean from one location. We loved this project!

Should you wish to experience the house over a holiday then please feel free to stay over by booking via the link below :


Lombard Lane

With this two level extension in the heart of the City of Westminster, next to Fleet Street, we have aimed to transform the Lombard Lane end vista into a key street focal point.
The design is made up of a simple frame lined up to the windows and openings below of the existing building. It is contemporary yet not overbearing, due to the sensitive setting.
The result is a light structure hosting four new luxury apartments with views over the Thames.